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Trust Us...(BIO) by fvatrtnyuh
Trust Us...(BIO)
...She's a doctor ^^.
Ok so while browsing through the catacombs of deviantart, I eventually uncovered an artist who was doing an interesting, cheap, and a tad bit lazy idea. Adoption coupons, The concept being that for about 80 or so points a pop (roughly one dollar) The artist would draw an adopt for you after providing him with enough details, They came in two particular flavors. Free Coupons, where you are limited to whatever you can imagine and Theme Coupons where your limited into thinking up an adopts of certain themes.

Most of the time they were scooped up by his regulars but I eventually managed to get my own chance at buying one. I however ended up getting a zombie themed coupon, I could imagine whatever I liked so long as it was zombie was a little hesitant about getting this at first since how often do you really see zombie oc's .3.? (well in my case a lot and there actually very original ) But after thinking about some old character idea's I had in mind in past months and some that I never followed through on (Like the ones I made during my....fanfic phase >.>;; ), I decided to make a mesh of the two as well use the zombie theme to create this little beauty :3~.

Now much like some of my adoptables I did wonder if I made a mistake or not and if I should really use her in pics, Though after I was hit by a hammer of ideas and got some motivation from some buds, I decided to commish goku senpai on deviantart to create a more revamped version of her to use as a ref.....and totally not cuz I'm a perv >.> <.<....ANYWAY HERES THE BIO!~

Beatrice:What's wrong with you?..what's wrong with your face?...Is it the stitches?, My right arm?, Green skin? you have Hemophobia?, Don't worry I'll wash it ^^, besides you should have enough anesthetic in you that you should tumble over any second no- There we go~

Name: Dr. Beatrice Vandeviere

Age: Unknown (She has stated that she died at age 24 however)

Height: 6'6

Species: Zombie/Frankenstein monster

Occupation: Doctor, Surgeon, Scientist and part time ''waste disposal''

Personality: brutally honest? Too overzealous during her examinations and tests to care about her own patients worries on more than one occasion? Calm and mature? Beatrice seems to switch between the three on a fly when something does or doesn't seem to catch her attention. Often just showing a meek interest on subjects unless something REALLY gets her attention. During her more..hostile phases, she can be pretty feral/Animalistic , sadistic and VERY spiteful.., She also tends to be very evasive when asked about her past history and her current goals.

Likes: Milk (One of the few things she can actually taste that doesn't make her wanna instantly cough back up) , Working, New discovery's, Finding Cures, Getting a decent nights sleep, Her assistants help, New patients, Being a smart ass.

Dislikes: MEAT (You'd think that being a zombie she wouldn't mind this but constantly thinking about the stuff and not having a 100 percent functioning tongue or stomach while biting down on it ...does dull the taste and make one hate it) Stitching herself back together constantly, Losing some of her 5 senses from time to time, Having only one eye, Her right hand coming in and breaking her work. Her ''frenzy'' states, Any roaming hostile zombies around her area, Being reminded that she's near Voyager coast, Magic (more specifically the magic that taints the area around her), A plan going haywire. The stench of some of her work, And last and most important of all the Mystic Isles ''Island Goddess'' EYDÍS.....

Bio: Originally a rising star in the medical field, Doctor Beatrice was an optimistic young soul with a passion for discovering new material than deal with the worlds current brand of medicine. Her reputation for being efficient despite her indifference to normal procedure's allowed her to be one of the few scientists to be hand picked for a colony expansion assignment, She and several Co-Workers would be sent to the newly discovered Mystic Isles to explore and hopefully build a steady foundation on that will grow in time.

Her Ecstasy for the project however was short lived as she found out that her team was mainly just sent in to study the magic properties of the island, ''MAGIC!?, Sure why get some pictures of Nessie and send a post card back home of big foot while I'm at it..''. The frustrated Beatrice carried on with her mission nonetheless, groaning at the fact that all this ripe, new undocumented flora and fauna was right in front of her finger tips and not allowed to be studied yet.

One fateful day however she was split from her group during a daily expedition and uncovered a relatively bizarre site..A dark and tainted looking tree, dropping purple and poisonous looking leaves as if it was dying..why was this? all the surrounding tree's looked and acted the same..why did this one seem so different?..and why weren't there more around?..Curious, the good doctor took some of the leaves back to her lab in secrecy, knowing she'd have to return them to there location if she was caught. After many day's of research she made an astonishing discovery, the leaves could create a serum that while poisoned a living victim..gave dying ones a form of life...If mixed with other properties potentially on the island..''Could someone make an Immortality Elixir out of this stuff?....Tired and emotionally exhausted after creating a serum from some of the leaves, the good doctor went back to her quarters and fell asleep, unaware of what would be coming for her next.

It all happened so quickly and so violently, with hardly much sleep the good doctor heard a siren sound off , Along with several shuffling. Beatrice hurried out of bed with her serum, wondering what was going on before walking out of her room and going wide eyed in horror as what looked like the remains of co-workers slaughtered and scattered around her rooms entrance. Before she could take it all in she heard the cries of guards around her being cut  by something...a tall looming figure. Not wanting to be next, she ran as quickly as possible before having her right leg lacerated along the knee and hitting the hard pavement. Bleeding and in pain the doctor turned to the stranger who caused it...she had a calm smirk along her face, said face was tanned and from small glimpses was feminine the was silvery...and the compare them to a snake would be an understatement, muttering softly the good doctor asked who she was. The figure simply got up and twirled what looked like a staff around her left hand, levitating the rest of Beatrices materials that had been gathered from that mysterious tree and told her this ''My My You've made quite the find~...But I can't exactly let anyone know about these little things just yet..But for being such a good doctor, I'll let you keep the serum you have for this next part...Oh!...and the name is Eydis...remember it'', The stranger grinned with glee and raised her right index finger at her, and before anything else could be said, Beatrice, her lab, and anything in her teams base was destroyed in the blink of an eye...

Strangely though..Beatrices story did not end there, she awoke before the ruin of her co-workers lab as a head..her right eye stabbed with something..a syringe?, Her body parts spread out before her as she still felt some sort of control over them. Stunned by it all she spent several months just trying to grasp what happened and forming what was left of her own body..was it the serum? did she give her the serum as some cruel joke to be reborn back to life as this!? a frustrated Beatrice cursed out the strangers name before spending a decade of silence and readjusting to this, even having to perform self mutilation on her right arm, after it became berserk and seemed to have a mind of its own.

Deciding instead to make a stand. Determined to not let this be a handicap for the rest of her ''life'' Beatrice worked for several decades, centuries even, in order to become a handicap-able and even smarter doctor. Eventually finding assistants to aid her throughout the last few recent years, remaking a ''stable'' base of operations and finding out that the agency that brought her to the island in the first place successfully managed to colonize a section of the isle.

Now a days she can be found working on adventurous patients who scurried too far into her section of the forest and got injured for it, Inspecting the huge growth of tree's similar to the one she tested on in the past that seemed to bring more undead back to life (for hostile or for better), Adjusting her new right hand to be a malfunctioning tool and caging her old but still rampant right hand, finding way's (and succeeding in) keeping herself rational ( best she can), making her ''frenzy'' states a thing of the past and last but not least, making sure the knowledge she's developed over the years is properly handed down to her new assistants.

Dr. Beatrice Vandeviere Belongs to me
Art done by :icongoku-senpai:
Kk where to start...During my time on furaffinity I've been thinking up the best type of fursona I can possibly have that suits me because........well because other folks had one so I figured why not me too .3. . I did have one several months ago but 1, he was a sonic type character so I didn't want to get any ''RECOLOR, or HOW ORIGINAL'' comments and 2, he seemed a bit too gary stuish, which was boring and also complaint bait so...yeah. Next I thought perhaps I could just pick out my favorite animal?....sadly I'm indecisive as all heck and I couldn't pick any animal's I really liked because everyone kept doing that and I didn't want to seem like another clone or like I was plagiarizing, silly reason I admit but nonetheless I had too keep looking .3.. Next I believed I should make a pokemon like an anthro male pikachu who can gender swap?, though if you look up anthro pikachu around here.....yeah same prob as the animal NEXT it was. Finally wanting to take it a bit easier, I decided why not try to pick out a body type first and then the species?, I went for femboi but well let's just say I have different plans for that :P.

Not wanting to give up I eventually decided to stumble around adopts for inspiration when I came across So-ko auctioning off the character you see in this pic right now, I've never really seen this Pokemon before (until I realized I did >.>; DOH) and figured she was perfect :3, granted I was gonna change a few things but as a base to work off of she was absolutely perfect (Still surprised I managed to win that auction xp). So yeah this is my fursona for now .3...........dang this was longer than it needed to be, BIO INFORMATION!@!@!@!!!@@@!!!@.

Sakae:Name's Sakae and yo-Do I like wearing fancy clothing? restrictive for my taste :P

Name: Sakae

Age: 28

Species: Furfrou

Gender: herm (though female in this pic :3, again a base to work off of)

Height: 6'8

Personality: Flamboyant as she is kind, Sakae goes around from place to place eager for something interesting to get in her way or rid of her constant daily routine. Strict only when it comes to her training, constantly finding ways to slide it onto her schedule even when she's helping a random stranger with the most minute of tasks. Finally, while she may be a fighting nut she's not so easy led into losing her temper, often noting stress as being ''too problematic a thing to worry about'', for the few times she auctully IS goaded into being angry...things don't tend to turn out well for the party/parties involved

Likes: Poke treats, being pet, training, fighting, something interrupting her usual day routine, Sleeping, Sweet's (though can get into a love and hate relation sometimes), Baths, walks, showing off, pushing past her limits.

Dislikes: Very hot climates, wearing dresses, cheaters, con men, something bugging her during a bad day, Snobs, Giving up, getting dust or sand stuck on her (she doesn't mind getting dirty, but hates the things that get stuck on her).

Bio: Born into a furfrou herd that focused on applying style on everything they did for the sake of vanity and ego. Sakae was an oddball, preferring  to be one of the furfrou's she heard about in legends, the ones who served and defended royalty and challenged all opponents, the ones who left nothing but myths and folktales about there skills giving others something to aspire too. To that end, Sakae constantly left the herd in looks of challenges or obstacles to test herself, becoming the 4th strongest furfrou at the simple age of 11 (injuring some parts of her arms and legs in the process, something she finds more a symbol of honor than horrible)

Seeing that her herd had offered all it can, she left at the age of 14 looking for a way to complete the goal's she set for herself and become even stronger, leading her to several pokemon tournaments. Through many battles, injuries. wins and tie's, A 20 year old Sakae had finally had her named engraved into a coliseum near her old home, spreading rumor's and stories about her abilities as she had always wished.....and also learning of a vile price she payed.

A champion she may have been, but her arms were damaged after all the constant years of abuse, leading to her having to use specialized arm techniques if she wanted to continue her path of fighting or to just use them at all. Having spent most of her victory winnings on the gauntlets. Sakae now travels around as a guard for hire for those who want extra security against intruders for cash, promising herself as well that if she runs into someone strong, strong enough to make her remember her old days of wanting to be better, She'll take the extra mile...and show them the power that got those hands of hers to what they are now.

Art belongs to So-Ko on FA
Sakae the Furfrou belongs to me
Aqua Hazard Detected! (BIO) by fvatrtnyuh
Aqua Hazard Detected! (BIO)
Woooo Another new character/OC/Adopt/Donut Steel~.
While browsing around through the Adoption section of Deviantart, moving through (let's be honest here there's tons of them, and while some are ok and varied...) Recolors, Selfys, Characters that are AB'd whiten 1 min of posting, and designs which just weren't to my liking. I eventually discovered this beauty with an SB of 100 points o.O (about one dollar and twenty five cents). Still having several points (From what I can't really recall) I decided to put in a bid, thinking someone would Just AB her easily...I was wrong and got her with no further bids o.o...not really a bad thing mind you but talk about a steal...If any of you want to know more about the artist's who made her, go check out Major-Coconut and xXPoisonAdoptsXx (Original picture link is here… , Keynote I'll be changing a few things but still try to keep up with the original notes about this species)

Anyway For a long time now I've been wondering about an assistant for my Grump, Molly, and after seeing this design...decided too make it two assistants instead and have a bit of a funny trio thing going on :3. So without further ramblings~, I present Julia~.

Julia:A fish? Nope, Mermaid? pffft, Siren? You wish don't cha? Actually I'm Not to clear myself, how about you label me a shark and we'll call it a day?-Julia Introducing her species to Molly

Name: Julia (I may or may not have gotten the idea mainly from this <3< >3>....… ) or her nickname...''The 4 armed sea predator''

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5'4

Species: Clothief (Clothieves are ''normal'' humans with sentient Hats that have limbs. They are not allowed to touch the ground, in the belief that they would be swallowed up by the earth (but this is only a superstition on their kind.), There hats can speak, but the words sound like gibberish to anyone who isn't the hat owner.))
The jewels on their bellies differ.

Occupation: Bodyguard, Seafarer (And by that I mean she goes under a canoe and pushes the Molly and the rest of the team  if they ever come across a huge lake of water they need to get across)

Personality: Hot blooded and outgoing is Julias calling card when it comes to things, overzealous about even the slightest of challenges that shes met with and unwavering when it comes to a task...if she's not distracted anyway. She's not the most refined or sharpest tool in the box and has naive and childish view of the world as well as people, often trusting strangers in a heartbeat..not that shes not ready to kick their sh*t in should they try something on her.

Likes: CEREBELLA! (see's her as an idol), Food, naps swimming, showing off, pranks, Sparing.

Dislikes: Walking (more so on deserts really...she isn't as terrified of it as the rest of her kin but it can get unnerving sometimes.), Fishing (especially if the bait is something tantalizing to her), Fancy wear (so..very...tight....), Riddle speak.

Bio: Born In a seafaring clothief colony, a young Julia was raised to be as isolated as possible and told the same superstitions most of her kind were taught and had to follow for their supposedly own safety. While she did just that, an amazed Julia just couldn't ignore those things that always came close to her little isle...they weren't animals or people...''ships'' they called them? why anyone would need something to carry them from island to island when they can easily just zigzag IN the sea was beyond her comprehension.. . taking joy in playing some pranks to turn some ships away from her home as others did.

Eventually as she grew older and older, Julia finally got her own sentient hat at age 15 (which she calls extra.....she wasn't well known for her originality;....), enjoying the extra powers and abilities she was denied up till now, Julia managed to escape her island and traveled the world's oceans for three long years, exploring and earning a light reputation as a pest among small circles of sailors. Eventually she bumped into a young cyclops who she would later become partners with, offering to become her body guard and seafarer (She may not have known how to use a boat, but she did know her way around the sea) in exchange for bringing her along to these ''mystic isles'' and settling her curiosity on just how strong other adventurers there truly are.

Now a days Julia can be seen around the mystic isles with Molly and the gang, butting heads with the 2nd body guard Kimiko and often causing trouble to any would be thieves she runs into or beasts that get in her bosses way, the latter being quite tasty~.

Julia belongs to me
Art done by :iconmajor-coconut: and :iconnoxious-dreams:
A One-Eyed Grump (BIO) by fvatrtnyuh
A One-Eyed Grump (BIO)
ZOMG A SFW CHARACTER :o!, lol. kk well I got this adopt from :iconDemonNyuu: (Who seemed to have a bad time selling em .3., but this cyclops girl looked cute enough so I went for it :3, mainly because I had a cute idea in mind and because I wanted at least one sfw character (even pervs are sucker for the cute :v~), you may have seen her face somewhere before btw ;P~. INFORMATION ON HER!!!!

Molly: Grumpy!?, you try living in my shoe's and see how long you'd last happy.

Name: Molly Bennett

Age: 16

Species: Cyclops

Gender: Female

Height: 4'10

Personality:Molly is a grump, whether its the loose stitching in her merchant bag widening, the crowd she surrounds herself with on a daily basis or some random thief underestimating her due to her size, every little thing seems to make her annoyed or upset. Beneath her grumpy exterior however lies a bold leader ready to speak out her mind against a prom< /i>blem either verbally or physically (especially if you've been hindering her or her allies) and correct said problem in her way. Sometimes and this is rare..she might even cave in, compromise and maybe even give something of good faith to get a problem solved..well..when its not really a booby trap or a trick in the works anyway.

Likes:Money, Treasure, Gold, Silver, Gem's (Diamonds, rubies, etc etc), Having her stress of carrying her stuff gone, Relaxing, One sided Dealing's, Being praised/complimented, Winning Bet's, Catching exotic/collectable equipment, Sleeping/Napping, Being in charge, Not being treated as a child, Those who help her (doesn't show it much thought ^^: )

Dislikes:Swindlers, Con men, Scammers, Traps, Her bag ripping, Thieves/Rouges/Bandits/Certain mercenaries, being Baby talked, Insults, Making little profit during the day, Her get rich quick plan's failing, Complete Loneliness, Being laughed at, Constant ''baggage''.

Bio:Little Molly was the product of an inter species couple (a male human and female cyclops) who was raised in a mainly cyclops's like community with a few human settlements nearby. Trained from the get go by her mother on the ways to defend herself and learn the essentials when it comes to living on your own (Hiking, fishing, cooking and most of all how to do a mean demon bat swing), while her father trained her in the ways of more natural social interactions when it comes to non cyclops's as well as proper fighting technique, even a bit of business on the side for her to get her own job as a black smith or a craftier around the community they inhabited.

Mollys little community as it turned out however, didn't have as much use for her as her family had thought. Being a half breed Molly wasn't as tall or as strong back then to be one of the islands most finest of warriors nor have the necessary assets (she only has one eye after all) to craft as skillfully as most other smiths, leading to her feeling like a rather useless individual for the majority of her life. Eventually at the age of 13, Molly found an opportunity to snatch up in the form of the mystic isles ''adventurer tourist'' pack on a flyer in her towns local square. A chance to be one of the worlds few adventurers strong enough to brave a trek to the mystic isles without the assist of the colonies already established there, giving her free reign to reap any rewards she finds deeper inside the island as her own. Ecstatic and finding a new found calling in her life, Molly left her home island and set sailed for the isles, keen on making herself a fortune and prove herself to her home town and maybe even the world~.

Now a days Molly can be found trekking around the forests of the mystic isles, exploring every knock and cranny of the island with a team she's gathered throughout the years as a traveling merchant. Often having to put with her teams problems, the isles more...hostile leaders and a looooooooooooonnnnnng string of bad luck/inconvenient luck.

Art belongs to :iconnyuumew:
Molly Bennett belongs to me.
Krampus Get (BIO) by fvatrtnyuh
Krampus Get (BIO)
Managed to get an adoptable from :iconmarauder6272:. She looked Nice and devious, plus nobody placed an offer yet, so yea :3.

Lorraine:Evil? not my fault your on the list and its not TECHNICALLY gonna be my fault for what happens next now is it~?

Name:Lorraine (Lori) Kohler

Age: ????



Default Height:5'7 (Counting horns)

Occupation:Christmas Demon, Aleesha's Assistant, Santa's little helper? (o.O)

Personality:A devious little thing who always attempts to seek more freedom than what her contracts or jobs tends to offer, often trying to exploit loopholes or manipulate others for her own satisfaction. Being a Krampus she's tends to have a bit of sadistic tendencies but has tended to use them more so on..special occasions or kinks. Contrary to what one might believe at first glance however she's auctully a strong admirer of Christmas for more than just getting to ''lash out'' or ''cut loose'' due to her job and DESPISES the term ''happy holidays''.

Likes:CHRISTMAS!!!!~~~ (from the chilling white snow, to the decorating of ornaments, to the screams from those in her naughty list shes captured~), Sitting back after a ''good days work'', Whipping troopers into shape (or just whipping....or just whips), Resisting or Resistance, Certain Punishments, Coal/Charcoal, Loopholes, Parkouring, Krampusnacht, Teasing her ''co-workers''.

Dislikes:Angel's (Or rather the ones she feels are to much on their ''high horse''), Preaching, Christmas Elves who are stealing her thunder, ill will towards Christmas (saying it SUX, to ruining it for others, and DEFINITELY scrooges), Some of her job restrictions, those who don't know what a krampus is and finally the term ''Happy Holidays''.

Bio: Born and ''raised'' in the pits of hell as a Krampus. Lorraine prowled and reveled in the job she was given, the ability to go around the world so quick, the ability to capture the guilty and give them their much deserved punishments (especially those who she grows a charm to, who she gives ''special'' punishments to), and  the nice change of cool crisp weather as opposed to the annoying heat she had to put up with outside her ''working days''.

Wanting more time out of hell, as well as explore the world outside of the day's she was allowed to however. Lorraine became a contract demon who was swooped up by the mystic' isles exiled Naga witch, Alexia Gorgon, who was trying to summon a more vicious or powerful servant than what she otherwise churned out. Knowing about Loris stealth abilities as well as her ability to sneak in nearly anywhere she pleased at full power however, Alexia decided to keep her around On the sole condition she would assist with any plans the witch came up with as well as better the witch's minions. Ecstatic about her newly formed freedom, Lorianne roams across the isles causing mischief and pranks, as well as ''bumping'' into those who catch her fancy and showing them just how naughty a krampus can be even outside of Christmas.

Lorraine Kohler Owned by Me
Art made by :iconmarauder6272:


United States
Well I'm bored '3'....And I heard of a certain meme thanks to :iconmegascarletsteam: and :iconmegagundamman: sooooooooooooooooo lets do it :U!

Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that's I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have)

I will only add you if you first make one of these journals and include one of my characters in it, and so on.
Link on your own journal in your comment is required! (....In hind sight I should prob upload my oc's on here already <.>, I guess I can note you my oc list if you ask, should still be able to link.)

Krysta by MegaScarletsteam Krysta-I like the idea of such a character in your gallery plus her bio opens her up to being a bit devious or tricky despite her ''job'' .3. . I think her design could've looked more holy or shiny buuuuuuuut I'm not complaining :3.

Suzuki Sweater by MegaGundamManSuzuki-Funny badass reploid girls? Course I'm gonna add her to this list o3o~. Not much else to say cuz I'm lazy =3=.

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