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Do Something Like That Again... by fvatrtnyuh
Do Something Like That Again...
Nina: And I'll give you something to really worry about~ *Gives him a peck on the cheek* Happy Birthday~.

Mark: Hehehe, Yes Mam~. .

Long story short, Mark was aiding Nina around the lab orginizing some of the supply crates and happened to get his arm damaged trying to show off and being a little too careless (and on his bday of all days too.). Luckily Miss Goldheart quickly got to work on patching the injured dragon back to full health and even baked him a birthday cake in the meantime (of course, she may have gotten a liiiiiiiiiittttttttttttle too cared away in thanking and aiding him as seen here.).

LONGER story short, This was a bday commish I got from :iconmarauder6272: during a live stream for one of my friends (and VERY frequent picture commenter) :icondragonkingmark: who happens to have a liking for my characters, ESPECIALLY Nina. Me being me, I decide to get a pic of his main oc/fursona Mark getting an innocent peck on the cheek and being taking cared of rather than do some of the other NSFW ideas we talked over when planning this little gift (What? I'm a sucker for cute or innocence :P ).

Enjoy ^^~!
Boneyard Rumble by fvatrtnyuh
Boneyard Rumble
Julia: So there I was in the middle of the night, passing through a graveyard because SOMEBODY *looks at Extra* forgot the directions back home...When all of a sudden I see this chick standing in front of a nearly dug up looking tombstone covered in dirt, having worn out looking clothes and giving off an odd I of course do the rational  thing and punch the living day lights out of what must've OBVIOUSLY been a zombie!

One deck to the face later, I turn around and suddenly feel lighter...almost like flying~...of course, that lightness was auctully that zombie chick getting angry and smacking me in the back several yards forward with hands roughly the size of Coraline's ego!, then the real fun began~.

Blow for Blow, Kick for Kick, Headbutt to Headbutt! (Dang thing even tried to fight dirty and bite my arm!, WHY? I THOUGHT THEY WENT FOR THE BRAINS!, Bet she was trying to insult me there or something). Me and Extra kept the zombie, hiker looking- fancy sounding (I think the doc told me later when I went to see her that this chicks voice was Bri-tish? by my description...still weird though.) at bay for what felt like an hour or two. She was pretty kick ass when wasn't she wasn't trying to knock my teeth out, Think we could've been friends when all this was over.

Speaking of over, I'm not quite sure WHAT happened later..all I remember was me stopping the fight to get a bite to eat (something she seemed to want too so I brought her along with), us chowing down on burgers...and then everything going mysteriously black after their being only ONE last snack wrap and TWO of us. Fast forward to the present, I see Molly looking down my way with the dead eye of a shark and smacking me upside the head with a newspaper, wanting to know what happened and why I was covered in bruises, sweat, ketchup, 10 different layers of sauces and lying on the graveyard ground. My response? ''Because zombie hikers like to order out''...I was once more smacked upside the head with a newspaper.

Just an AWESOME commish I decided to get from :iconangsthewicked: featuring Julia and a buddy of mines new fighting oc, Malory/Mal the Graveyard Robber (he calls her Mal the Mighty cuz he's a am I~) created after weeks of managing to make him WANT to make her and getting the idea stuck in his head >:D!. ENJOY!~

Julia belongs to me.
Art done by ATW
Malory/Mal belongs to :iconousire: (Go check him out, If you want to learn more about Mal and see other awesome works :3~)
A Jealous Jelly by fvatrtnyuh
A Jealous Jelly
Jordan: Rotten no good traitorous- *only the sound of more insulting grumbling can be heard*

Nina: Here, took care of today's patients reports quick and easily Beat ^^

Beatrice: Hmm?- Yes..yes..reports..*In her head: How did it survive for this long...ugh, now I have to change as well*

So here we have a simple pic of Beatrice and Nina-BUT WHOSE THAT IN THE BACK ROUND YOU MAY BE ASKING!
Well to put a long story short because I've already dumped a suitable amount of walls of text on you folk. The slime girl bovine in the backround happens to be the result of an rp idea me and a friend were discussing for quite sometime, he happened to like my characters (Mainly the Beatrice staff) and often wondered how his own oc would react if she was somehow made into an assistant. Cut to the future after hours upon hours of planning out how such an oc would act amongst the staff, Slime Bovine/Slime Moo Jordan was made! a kind albeit possessive little thing who while may like Nina but LOOOOOOVES Beatrice/''Master'' a heck of a lot more, often resulting in a bit of hijinks between the two  ^^.

There's obviously a heck of a lot more than that, but I won't bore you with the long cut of Jordan's least...not in this picture, I will however state that Slime Moo Jordan is canon to Beatrice and her staffs dynamic and that this is a sort of alternate universe version of Jordan ^^.

Beatrice and Nina belong to me.
Jordan belongs to (and I think partly belongs to?...I doubt it) Me and :icongodsmesinger:
Art done by :icongoku-senpai:
Awefully Familiar... by fvatrtnyuh
Awefully Familiar...

So for those that read the stuff I put on bio's or before them, I've stated that one of these two were a modified version of an original adopt I bought… Said original adopt was Miss Goldheart who was a clown nurse. While at first I liked the idea, I figured the idea of a clown nurse working with a zombie doc wouldn't mix that well (yet somehow making her a bovine does because....idk). So I had Goku Senpai change her into Nurse Nina instead (Though Maybe I'll use the term goldheart again, rolls off the tongue nicely~). I was originally intending to just ignore her original form but...hey, no harm in uploading the pic right? Enjoy ^^

Art done by :iconmrpr1993:
Former Miss Goldheart that is now Nurse Nina Belongs to me :3.
SETH-ie by fvatrtnyuh
Get it....cuz...its a selfie...of Seth :D?....

Kk so much like… I once more decided to show you all the original pic of Seth the little morgue assistant. Enjoy :3

Art done by :iconmrpr1993:
Seth belongs to me :3.


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